Date Location and Programme Organiser Contact
27 JAN 2017
10h – 14h
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences LEU, Lithuania Dalius Dapkus
23 FEB – MAR 2017  Valahia University of Targoviste VUT, Romania  Laura and Gabriel Gorghiu
23 FEB 2017 Universitat de Barcelona UB, Spain Mario Barajas
04MAR 2017
10h -14h
Foundation for Research and Technology, Heraklion FORTH, Greece Kathy Kikis-Papadakis
11 MAR 2017 The Open University – UK SHU & OU, UK  Tony Sherborne and Ale Okada
15 MAR 2017 HEP PH Fribourg HEP, Switzerland Francine Pellaud
18 MAR 2017 University of Nicosia UNIC, Cyprus Maria Evagorou
21 MAR 2017 Weizmann Institute of Science Weizmann, Israel Yael Shwartz
15 MAR 2017  FAU ILI ILI FAU, Germany Aristidis Protopsaltis
??? University Southeast HIVE,  Norway  Harald Bjar, Elin
??? ??? TRACES, France Matteo Merzagora

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Date Event name/title Where Partner Paper (title)
7/4/2014 International Conference NSTA2014 National Science Teachers Association Boston, EUA SHU UK Paper: Authentic Inquiry: Raise Motivation and Results with Real Science
8/5/2014 International Conference PCST2914 Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference Salvador Brazil The Open University Paper: Scientific Literacy through co-Inquiry based on non-formal and informal learning
25/05/2014 European Conference The 2014 Ecsite Annual Conference Hague, Netherlands TRACES Presentation
28/06/2014 International Conference on Education and Technology I International Forum of Education and Technology Tarragona Spain OU UK Presentation
26/10/2014 European Conference 2ND SCIENTIX CONFERENCE Bussels, Belgium FAU Presentation
26/11/2014 National event Annual conference of chemistry teachers Rehovot Israel Weizmann Presentation
4/17/2015 International Conference DIDAMATICA 2015 Genova, Italy Lattanzio Three-stage path for a better engagement of students in science
15/05/2015 International Congress on Education for the Future: Issues and Challenges (ICEFIC 2015) Ankara, Turkey TUDelft Responsible Research and Innovation: What is it? How to Engage in Science Education
5/2/2015 European Conference 6th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab at Scientix Projects’ Networking European Conference Brussels  SHU UK Workshop Mastering inquiry skills
9/9/2015 National Conference ITD 2015 Basel, Switzerland HEP Research and discussions about transdisciplinarity
13/09/2015 Central & Eastern European LUMEN Conference: LUMEN NASHS2015 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova VUT The ENGAGE Project – A Facilitator Context for Promoting Responsible Research and
Innovation in Science Lessons
18/09/2015 The 10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning EC-TEL Toledo Spain The Open University Online argumentative maps for facilitating international debates with experts at large scale
18/09/2015 The 10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning EC-TEL Toledo Spain The Open University Fostering young smart citizens through personal learning environments for urban inquiries
18/09/2015 The 10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning EC-TEL Toledo Spain The Open University Fostering Communities of Practices for teachers’ professional development integrating OER and MOOC
14/11/2015 7th
LUMEN International Conference: MEPDEV 2015
Targoviste, Romania VUT OU UK weizmann EngagingScience.eu Knowledge Hub to Equip the Next Generation for Active Engagement in Science
14/11/2015 7th
LUMEN International Conference: MEPDEV 2015
Targoviste, Romania VUT Reflective analysis on using “Dilemma lessons” in Science Teaching
14/11/2015 7th
LUMEN International Conference: MEPDEV 2015
Targoviste, Romania WEIZMANN, SHU Responsible Research and Innovation in the Classroom: ENGAGE RRI Goals and Framework
14/11/2015 7th
LUMEN International Conference: MEPDEV 2015
Targoviste, Romania FORTH The Embedment of Responsible Research and Innovation Aspects in European Science Curricula
 30/03/2015 National conference 50 years anniversary of science teaching department Rehovot Israel Weizmann Integrating RRI into school science
 25/05/2015 Annual conference of science & technology teachers Rehovot Israel Weizmann Getting to know ENGAGE through Ban Coke activity
 08/09/2015 Annual conference of chemistry teachers Rehovot Israel Weizmann The consequences wheel as a teaching
4/9/2015 European Conference ESERA Helsinki FInland Weizmann Responsible Research and Innovation in the classroom: ENGAGE RRI goals and framework
16/04/2015 4th Scientix Projects Networking Event Barcelona (Spain) Universitat de Barcelona Responsible Research and Innovation and STE(A)M
17/04/2015 Annual International Conference NARST Chicago, USA Weizmann Implementing RRI aspects in the classroom- Pilot results of the “Engage” project
8/5/2015 National Conference Feria de la ciencia Seville (Spain) Universitat de Barcelona Science fair (school projects showcase)
29/50/2015 National Conference Finde científico Madrid (Spain) Universitat de Barcelona Science fair (school projects showcase)
22/10/2015 National event Jornades sobre l’ensenyament de la física i la química Barcelona (Spain) Universitat de Barcelona Teacher symposium on teaching Phisics and Chemistry
25/10/2015 National event Congreso Nacional Scientix 2015 Madrid (Spain) Universitat de Barcelona learning strategies involving research and innovation on Science, Tecnhology and Mathematics especially for secondary school
25/11/2015 National event Jornades sobre controvèrsies socio-científiques Barcelona (Spain) Universitat de Barcelona scientific controversies for learning science
10/12/2015 European event eTwinning Expert talk: ENGAGING SCIENCE Online (eTwinning STEM teachers group which is composed by 400 teachers) Universitat de Barcelona Expert talk
3/12/2015 New Perspectives in Science Teaching: An example from an EU project Nicosia – Cyprus University of Nicosia  Engage lesson, connecting it to the goals and purposes of the new curricula in Cyprus
3/12/2015 ERIDOB conference Sweden University of Nicosia Biology Education Conference  The Influence of Innovative, RRI-Support Chemistry Teaching Materials on Students
13/01/2016 International Conference Responsible Research in Education and Management and its Impact’LSME-RRI London UK The Open University Opportunities and challenges for equipping the next generation for responsible citizenship through the ENGAGE HUB.
13/01/2016 International Conference ‘Responsible Research in Education and Management and its Impact’ LSME-RRI London UK The Open University Open Educational Resources for Responsible Research and Innovation: a case study with Brazilian universities and schools
14/01/2016 RRI Shapping New Horizon Conference Brussels The Open University  Presentation: RRI in Secondary Education through ENGAGE PROJECT
17/04/2016 Annual International Conference NARST Baltimore/the USA TU-DELFT The Influence of Innovative, RRI Support Teaching Materials on Science Teachers’ Practical Knowledge
6/7/2016  National Conference EDULEARN2016 Barcelona, Spain Universitat de Barcelona Fostering reflective practice around RRI in an online course for in-service STEM teachers
10/06/2016 Conference: Responsible Innovation. Societal challenges and solutions NWO-MVI Amsterdam, the Netherlands TU-DELFT RRI and STEM
20/06/2016 Living Knowledge Lab Conference LKL Ireland The Open University  Workshop – Science Shops and Transformative Learning with Secondary Schools
21/11/2016 Responsible Research and Innovation Conference RRI Tools Brussels The Open University  Speaker: ENGAGE – Equipping the next generation for  Responsible Research and Innovation

Big Stuff Blog:

A 5-year curriculum map to build understanding

How are your curriculum topics organised? Like the specification? Based on an old scheme? If so, our big ideas approach could help you build stronger student over 5 years.

Here’s how it works. We have identified 14 fundamental ideas that underly all the science content in Key Stage 3 (11-14) and GCSE Combined Science (14-16). These are principles, models, laws and theories that explain lots of phenomena. They’re the things we really want students to understand,

For instance, forces has two distinct big ideas which if you understand them, can help you apply knowledge and answer the most difficult exam questions.


  • Forces predict motion: knowing the forces, and Newton’s laws, you can work out how an object moves
  • Forces act through fields

For all the big ideas, we are creating a progression of understanding, through a number of ...


Zika discussion in Brazil

Grupo de discussão – auditório do CETEP / Irecê, BA – Brasil

Data: 09/12/16

Turno: vespertino

Duração aproximada: 1 hora

Participantes: uma mediadora, dois professores, uma coordenadora e os estudantes do terceiro e quarto ano do curso de administração.


Professor: Bom, nós estamos agora, nesse momento com um grupo de alunos e professores do terceiro e do quarto ano de administração vespertino aqui no centro territorial de educação de Irecê- CETEP. Hoje esta sendo a culminância dos trabalhos, tivemos outros trabalhos que foram apresentados anteriormente, e esse grupo permaneceu aqui no auditório pra a gente conversar um pouquinho a respeito do desenvolvimento do trabalho deles e o que fundamentou que argumentos optaram pelas decisões de alguns grupos que estão aqui de serem favoráveis ou não ao extermínio do mosquito. Então quem gostaria de iniciar esse debate dizendo né, que foi favorável e quais foram os motivos. A gente poderia começar pelo ultimo grupo? Vou então a busca da ultima palestrante, por que ela trouxe né, da penúltima palestrante, ela trouxe uma argumentação dizendo os motivos pelos quais o grupo dela se posicionou dessa e daquela forma. E ai eu gostaria que vocês dissessem apenas o nome de vocês está certo?

Estudante 1: Meu nome é Estudante 1, o meu grupo, quer dizer, a sala inteira, no momento em que foi passado o projeto para a gente, a gente de certa forma não se interessou, não era um assunto que a gente tinha contato. A partir do momento que foi passado pra gente as pesquisas, a gente foi despertando certamente o interesse por que era algo que “ah, vi passar no jornal, mas na região não tem muito caso”; mas quando a gente aprofundou no assunto “foi algo que ...