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An inspiring conference, say science educators…

The ENGAGE project conference, at the Open University on March 11th, was a unique event designed to launch a community of innovative science teachers.  Funded by the European Commission (EC), this event brought together more than 80 Science teachers from right across England, as well as Russia and Brazil.

The conference themes were chosen by the teachers themselves, who presented their innovative classroom practice on curriculum, assessment and teaching methods. “Overall the event was excellent, inspiring and very informative. I enjoyed presenting. I would be happy to present again next year. I enjoyed networking with colleagues from around the country.” Rowan Mangier, Science Teacher.  “Teachers were so very grateful to have the opportunity to discuss ideas and strategies with other teachers and hear solutions to the problems they are encountering” Jude Sanders, facilitator.

The keynotes Tony Sherborne, scientific leader of ENGAGE  and ...