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Equip students with the skills and knowledge to use science in their livescourse

ENGAGE uses Dilemma with Group Discussion to push students to higher levels of understanding and
Problem-Based Solving through Argumentative Conversation to empower them to develop scientific literacy.

Now join our online course to learn strategies that will really get students talking, thinking and learning:

  • Dilemma lesson model to apply science content and practice skills
  • Group Discussion best practice to set up, prepare and coach groups
  • Problem-based Solving lessons  for students gain science concepts and skils (e.g. data analysis)
  • Conversation for whole class argumentative debate to support students develop evidence based solution
  • How to use ENGAGE materials to deliver outstanding lessons

The next course will start in April 2016 (20/April to 20/May ).

You can enroll in the course now – Click HERE.

Who are we? This is a summary of 50 participants who have already enrolled in our course… You are all welcome!

engage course feb 2016

What will our course offer you?

  • 2 stimulating online seminars
  • Activities to do at your own pace
  • Expert feedback on your lessons from tutors
  • Reflective discussions with colleagues
  • 2-3 hours participation per week
  • A completion certificate

Note:  You will need PC or tablet computer with broadband internet connection. Head set and web cam recommended for webinar participation.

Whenever you want to access the course you must login in the ENGAGE Portal.

This course is free of charge and funded by the EU as part of the EU ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’ agenda