Various educators from Brazil will develop ENGAGE project

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More than 40 educators from Brazilian schools and universities in Bahia  (northeast) and Parana (south)
discussed today about Responsible Research and Innovation,
the ENGAGE  new materials and  how to run Exterminate & Green phone projects in BRAZIL

The group of teachers will be supported by  a team  of  researchers:

from UNEB Brazil:
Dr. Sonia Pinto, (Scientific Literacy)
Dr. Silvar Ribeiro (Teacher’s education)
Ms. Ana Karine Rocha ( Educational policy)

from PUC-PR Brazil:
Dr. Patricia Torres (Innovation)
Dr. Marilda Behrens (Transdisciplinary )

from the OU UK:
Dr. Andrea Berardi (Sustainable communities)
Dr. Ale Okada  (RRI in Education).

A brief history of ZIKA can be accessed in this website:  Link

“A recent larger outbreak of Zika virus was confirmed in April 2015, in Brazil. In the district of Camaçari and the neighbor Salvador city, capital of the state of Bahia, healthcare authorities confirmed that a previously unknown disease affecting around 500 patients with flu-like symptoms followed by rash and arthralgia is indeed an ongoing outbreak of Zika fever, as proved by RT-PCR technique by researchers from Federal University of Bahia. Local authorities link the outbreak to recent increased flow of foreign visitors prompted by the 2014 FIFA World Cup (and 2016 Olympic games), coupled with the large population of insect vectors such as Aedes aegypt and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes that inhabit the region. The spread follow a similar pattern to the also recent outbreak of chikungunya virus in the same region.”

If any school from the ENGAGE project would like to join our group please write down a message in comments.
Brazilian students can then share, discuss  data and their projects with more schools abroad.