Teachers and students enjoyed GM decision in Israel!


Exciting and topical resources for youth!

“I liked the explanations and activities – they cross borders and ages.Teacher can transfer the matter as it is to lower grades (elementary school) and can also be used in higher grades (high school).

I taught this unit to 11th grade students, majoring in Bio-technology. These students have a rich background and profound understanding of genetic engineering. They also performed experiments in this field, therefore this unit’s topic was very relevant for them and for me…. Because these students are well aware of the importance of genetic engineering research, all of them (23 students) were in favor of genetically engineered corn.

Thanks for the nice, enjoyable and meaningful tutorial, and topical for youth (it turns out that most of them eat cereal in the morning …)”

Science Teacher in Bio-technology October 2016


Swapping roles: Teacher, the listener and Students, the speakers!

“…. Some students were shocked to hear about the disadvantages of genetically engineered food, and the discussion was very fruitful. They particularly feared for their health and did not know they daily eat modified foods without realizing it. Discussion took place in the plenum,  and I realized that I accomplished the goals I set for myself at the beginning of class- that is, the students will discuss the subject, express their views, hear the opinions of others, will share the opinion of others, etc.I was a passive listener for most of the time, and the students spoke and expressed their opinion on the matter presented, and that actually was the challenge and the goal I set for myself.  Students’ developing their own – knowledge and understanding, through conversation-this is a significant learning for me.

Science Teacher in Biology October 2016