Connected Teachers  in Spain tweet key benefits of using ENGAGE

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These images are from the school Colegio Corazón de María in Gijón in Spain.
Connected Teachers are  tweeting   key benefits of using ENGAGE.

Social media are very useful for them to share  their pedagogical strategies on   how they can integrate the lesson in their teaching plan, as well as their  students’ learning outcomes. These comments were translated  from the ENGAGE Spanish portal.

I really liked that the material is structured in two lessons, where the first deals with the scientific content and the second with the ethical aspects. I think that in this way the activity becomes interdisciplinary, thus tackling the content from different subjects. As it happens with other ENGAGE materials, the powerpoint presentations, the student sheets and the activity development are very good and can be used immediately in the classroom leading to very satisfactory student results.” Rafael Montero

Some other teachers in the portal mentioned that students’ positive results include: ” engagement, ethical reflection, more questions, argumentative discussions …etc”

In Spain there are  1455 teachers members,7404 resources downloads, The community is very active with 376 comments on the web

Examples like this in Spain show that Teachers  can share and learn a lot using social media  about ENGAGE resources and skills for RRI – Responsible Research and Innovation.

Currently, teachers are using ENGAGE project resources in the classroom. Some of them  have modified the ENGAGE lessons like animal test  into a TRANSFORM project, where students can carry out an inquiry activity with more autonomy and interact with scientists. They are collecting data from different sources including references suggested by scientists. Along the process, they are practising the following RRI skills: use ethics, interrogate sources, communicate ideas.

Connected teachers in the Digital Age, well done !