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A 5-year curriculum map to build understanding

How are your curriculum topics organised? Like the specification? Based on an old scheme? If so, our big ideas approach could help you build stronger student over 5 years. Here’s how it works. We have identified 14 fundamental ideas that underly all the science content in Key Stage 3 (11-14) and GCSE Combined Science (14-16). […]


  Mosquitoes are the world’s most dangerous killer. The diseases they transmit, malaria, Zika and dengue fever, cause more than a million deaths per year. Some scientists have suggested exterminate all dangerous mosquito species. One method is to release genetically modified (GM) male mosquitoes which prevent further breeding. In this project, students investigate whether exterminating mosquitoes is a good […]

Syllabus Mastery Twilights

          July Twilight Events open for bookings Book your ticket by 1st July to avoid disappointment. Limited numbers available! 12th July Barnsley – get your ticket now! 13th July Ely – get your ticket now! 13th July Bournemouth – get your ticket now! 14th July Loughborough – get your ticket now! […]

Reduce your 11-16 Science Curriculum to 4 years

If you put KS3 and GCSE together and removed all the material that is duplicated, you would end up with a curriculum for Combined Science that could be completed in 4 years. But freeing up time is only one of the benefits of turning two Key Stages into a more coherent plan. I asked ENGAGE […]

Be interesting. It’s on the Syllabus.

 Those terrible twins curriculum and assessment often leave science teachers frustrated at the compromises they are forced to make. We would like our students to be deeply engaged and learning about the applications of the science. But in practice we have little time for deviating from the straight and narrow. What if things were different? […]


The Zika virus is linked to brain damage in unborn babies and is spreading rapidly through South America. The World Health Organisation declared it an international emergency. Scientists are working on a vaccine and will soon want to test it on people. The Dilemma for students is: would you test a Zika vaccine? They review the science […]

09/01/15 UK: ENGAGE Workshop & Reception @ASE Conference

Come to the ENGAGE Workshop, and: Discover how to create powerful ‘Dilemma lessons’. Try out our new post-levels assessment scale to gauge students understanding. Meet the ENGAGE team, and learn about our complete professional learning programme.     @ ASE Annual Conference, Friday 9th Jan, 3pm, HumSS Room 126 Reading University And stay for refreshments […]