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The 5 side effects of buying a published scheme

Curriculum change creates pain. As any marketeer knows, we buy things to take away the pain – such as new KS3 schemes. Like medicines, they can have side effects. Unlike medicines, the publisher doesn’t print warnings on the package. For your and your students’ sake, here they are: #1 Do not throw away the great […]


PARIS – France,   23rd of September 2014 About       Themes      Programme     Participants     Committee    Venue Venue The conference takes place at: L’espace des Sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes – ESPCI ParisTech 10 rue Vauquelin 75005 Paris Public transportations Subway: Métro Line 7, stations Censier Daubenton or Place Monge (5 minute-walk) RER Line B, station […]


PARIS – France,   23rd of September 2014 About       Themes      Programme     Participants     Committee    Venue Steering Committee Tony Sherborne (Engage Coordinator) Pat Morton (Project Manager) Alexandra Okada (Chair) Matteo Merzagora (Local Chair) Local Organisers Vanessa Mignan Meriem Fresson Colaborators from Brazil Alexandre Marino Raquel Glitz Lia Rossi Preliminary Outcomes RRI RESEARCH  REPORT […]


PARIS – France,   23rd of September 2014 About       Themes      Programme     Participants     Committee    Venue Participants guests  who are representing EU projects Antonio Costa(coordinator), PLACES, ECSITE Audrey Savre(Project manager), ENGINEER, ECSITE Bart van de Laar, IRRESISTIBLE, CARBOSCHOOLS, PLACES, Camille Breton, SIS CATALYST Gabriel Gorghiu, PROFILE Ignasi López Verdeguer(coordinator), RRI-TOOLS Jacqueline E.W. Broerse (coordinator) […]