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Open Education Global Award !

The Open App to foster inquiry skill for Responsible Research and Innovation developed by the ENGAGE project received a special Award by the Board of Directors and Awards Committee of the Open Education Consortium The Open App Award for Excellence is presented to an exceptional instrument proven to be an essential tool for professionals, trainers […]

ENGAGE EXTERMINAR – encontro de estudantes, professores, pesquisadores e cientistas

Nosso encontro HANGOUT – clique aqui URL 1 – Pre Questionario 2 – Introducao EXTERMINAR – Argumentacao para Escrita from Alexandra Okada 3 – Litemap e Texto Preliminar Exemplo de Mapa      Referencia para anotacao 4 – Conversa com Cientista Andrea Berardi Slides 5- Completando Mapas e texto Exemplo de Mapa 6- Questionario final – […]

Connected Teachers  in Spain tweet key benefits of using ENGAGE

These images are from the school Colegio Corazón de María in Gijón in Spain. Connected Teachers are  tweeting   key benefits of using ENGAGE. Social media are very useful for them to share  their pedagogical strategies on   how they can integrate the lesson in their teaching plan, as well as their  students’ learning outcomes. These comments were […]

Teachers across the world highlight various key inquiry skills  for Responsible Research and Innovation

Equipping the next generation with knowledge skills and attitude for RRI through ENGAGE resources “Resource very useful, it requires students to reflect on the progress of biology techniques and evaluate the pros and cons of its use.”  Material: GM Decision  used on 16  March 2016  in Portugal Coimbra “My students have enjoyed this activity over […]

ENGAGE project presents various outcomes at the RRI-Tools conference

Ale Okada, technical coordinator of the European project ENGAGE, invited as a speaker, presented various outcomes of the project and its impact in EDUCATION. The conference “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) IN ACTION” organised by RRI Tools project supported by the European Commission was held  in Brussels on the  21st – 22nd of November 2016. This event brought together 200 […]

Teachers and students enjoyed GM decision in Israel!

Exciting and topical resources for youth! “I liked the explanations and activities – they cross borders and ages.Teacher can transfer the matter as it is to lower grades (elementary school) and can also be used in higher grades (high school). I taught this unit to 11th grade students, majoring in Bio-technology. These students have a […]


Aprendizagem Colaborativa Aberta para Inovação e Pesquisa Responsavel Reunião do Grupo de Pesquisa Colearn e convidados para discutir estratégias de pesquisa e produção acadêmica em torno do tema Aprendizagem e Pesquisa Colaborativa Aberta – Brasil – Portugal – Reino Unido. A discussão será em torno da educação contemporânea, pesquisa responsável e inovação (RRI), Litemap  envolvendo […]

Various educators from Brazil will develop ENGAGE project

More than 40 educators from Brazilian schools and universities in Bahia  (northeast) and Parana (south) discussed today about Responsible Research and Innovation, the ENGAGE  new materials and  how to run Exterminate & Green phone projects in BRAZIL The group of teachers will be supported by  a team  of  researchers: from UNEB Brazil: Dr. Sonia Pinto, (Scientific Literacy) Dr. Silvar […]

WEBINAR: Tuesday May 24th at 6pm Students’ outcomes and teacher’s role

This videoclip presents a summary of problem-solving. Our next webinar focuses on students’outcomes and assessment during a lesson (45 min.) or a sequence (e.g. 2 or 3 lessons approximately 2 hours )   Please add your questions and practice in comments related to SEQUENCE. “Using problem-solving through conversation with the whole class can be challenging and […]