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Webinar May 12th at 6pm (GMT)

This videoclip presents a summary of teacher’s practices with Dilemma(1 lesson). Our next webinar focuses on “SEQUENCE”(2 lessons). Please add your questions and practice in comments related to SEQUENCE. “Using problem-solving through conversation with the whole class can be challenging and needs planning, organisation and skilful teacher input”. Have you ever used sequence with students? […]


ENGAGE ONLINE COURSE is organising a webinar about group discussion in socio-scientific dilemma lesson. LINK for the webinar Webinar engage2 from Alexandra Okada Please add your questions and ideas in comments. “Using discussion in the classroom can be challenging and needs planning, organisation and skilful teacher input”. What are the challenges of group discussion for […]

First  Responsible Research and Innovation Online Workshop for Public Management educators and learners This online workshop aims to create an opportunity for knowledge exchange among   educators, teacher’s educators that contribute(d) to connect Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Collaborative Inquiry Based Learning (co-inquiry), Open Educational Resources and Collaborative Open Learning (co-Learning). “RRI is an […]

Extreme weather

December 2015 was unusually warm and the wettest month on record, and it brought with it devastating floods that affected thousands of people in the UK. Many are blaming climate change for this unusual weather and warn that wet winters will be the norm in the future. Bring this news story into your classroom and teach about climate change using […]

Sugar tax

Ban Cola is news again.  Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef, is on a mission to cut sugar from our diets with his new idea to tax  sugar. But will this make any difference to our health? Start the discussion by using the ENGAGE activity Ban Cola  – a great way to teach unbalanced diets through a […]