2014 Eu-SPRI Conference Science and Innovation Policy

Date: 18 – 20 Manchester, UK

The European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation announces the 2014 Eu-SPRI Conference Science and Innovation Policy: Dynamics, Challenges, Responsibility and Practice.

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research is proud to host and continue the series of annual conferences funded by the EU-SPRI network which so far have been taking place in Twente (2010)Karlsruhe (2012) and  Madrid (2013).

The EU-SPRI conference provides the community with an opportunity to review our research agenda in the broad field of science, technology and innovation policy studies. For the Manchester conference, we hope to encourage creativity and exploration beyond approaches and assumptions that may be reaching the limits of their utility.


  • Understanding policy dynamics, and the links between policies, funding patterns, interventions, outcomes and effects;
  • Understanding the rise of goal, challenge or mission orientation in science and technology policies;
  • Addressing questions of responsible governance in science and technology policies;
  • Addressing the challenges of co-ordination and implementation of policies.